Why Choose High Pressure Air

from HPA Systems?

Price is often a major consideration when choosing an on-board air system, yet do you know why each system on the market is priced differently? There are three main features that drive the cost of onboard air.

Capacity – HPA System’s AuxAir66 and AuxAir46 provide the best capacity-to-weight ratio of any onboard air tanks on market today through carbon fiber composite bottle technology. These bottles cost significantly more than aluminum bottles yet are required to get 10lb CO2 system capacity out of a compact high pressure air system.

Flow – High flow regulators, hoses & fittings cost more but are required to operate high demand devices like air tools. To cut costs, some systems use regulators that can’t meet the flow demands of these devices or others try to compensate by running extreme output pressures that exceed the safe working limits of the system’s components. At HPA Systems we engineer and test each of our components for maximum flow to insure proper functionality and unlike CO2, air is stored and released as a gas to maintain system flow at all ambient temperatures.

Safety - AuxAir66 and AuxAir46 bottles are carbon fiber wrapped for strength and fiberglass wrapped for abrasion resistance. All of our valves and regulators have DOT compliant burst discs installed and the working pressures of each component are matched to insure safe operation when used properly. While some other companies charge up to $40 for their safety couplers alone, we include ours on every system to prevent accidental hose whip. We also include fire resistant neoprene tank covers for an additional level of protection. Yet most importantly, our systems are designed to use nitrogen or air which maintains pressure consistency better that CO2 and eliminates the chance of a BLEVE.

For more information on high pressure air, please check out our FAQ's page.